Who is Cordelia? (Marina, Christina, Alexa, and Kristen)
Cordelia is King Lear's 3rd and youngest daughter.

She is the only one who truly loves her father.
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Character Overview:
- King Lear's favorite daughter until she refuses to flatter him.
- King Lear kicks her out of the kingdom and she marries the king of France
- raises an army to fight her sisters and win back her father's land

Cordelia's decision not to praise her father shows her strength to stand up to him and be completely honest. It also shows that she is independent and willing to stand on her own without a father or a husband. Throughout the entire play, she never stops loving her father. Even after he betrayed and disowned her, she still accepted his apology. She tried to help him through his suffering of insanity. Her murder is a shock to the audience because at this point she is seen as a hero. Her father shows his respect and love for her by killing the man who killed Cordelia.

Video of Cordela Act 1