Who is Goneril?(Amanda D'Angelo, Andrew Mock, Tara Raguso, Samantha Brennen)
  • She is the oldest daughter.
  • Her husband is the Duke of Albany.
  • She has a strong drive for power.
  • She is determined to get what she wants.
  • She has no sympathy for those she considers less than her.
  • She has no regret or remorse for the things she has done. "She'd rather die than apologize."
  • Very materialistic in the beginning of the playwright.
  • Throughout the playwright she is very close to her sister, but when Edmund comes into the picture Goneril becomes enraged with jealousy.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlIWyPKnbTk *first minute and 20 seconds


Goneril is King Lear’s eldest daughter. She flatters him with sparkling appraisal in order to gain a greater inheritance; she takes advantage of her aging father’s attempt for self assurance through the love of his daughters. This portrays her character for the rest of the play, as Goneril is characterized as a manipulative, two faced, selfish and ungrateful tyrant. She is willing to cast away her husband for a man she finds more like her, Edmund, who too is a user and a liar. Goneril even kills her own sister in her hunt for power over her father’s kingdom.