Who is Kent? -Maria McNamara, Kate Lisewski, Naomi Calhoun, Andrew Kuch, Abbey Teliska, Jackie Westervelt, Kanian Aiken

  • Lear's servants
  • One of the only survivors.
  • Sees the truth amongst the chaos and deceit.
  • He is banished, but sticks around anyway
  • Stands up for what he believes, even if it means going against the king's decision. Kent keeps it real.
  • Disguises himself as Caius to continue to serve the king, risking his life to help King Lear.
  • After the battle, he is offered a share in ruling the kingdom, but he passes on the power because he wants to be with his master.
  • Tired and exiled, Kent still cares for his friend the king.

"Kill thy physician, and the fee bestow
Upon the foul disease."

"I have a journey, sir, shortly to go.My master calls me; I must not say no."

Kent is an all around good guy. He wants his beloved King to realize all the wrong He is doing, and he is not afraid of personal sacrifice or death in this mission.
John Herzog as Kent
John Herzog as Kent