Marston Blunt & Nick Brown
Oswald is a scumbag. He is a suck up and only works to better his own interests. He is an extremely unlikeable character. However the only thing Oswald does that is honorable, is he refuses to betray Goneril. He is also extremely loyal to Goneril, regardless of the circumstances. This can be looked at as admirable to a fault, or just flat out foolish. Other than that however, he is insignifigant and slimy. Oswald also hates Kent, but is afraid to combat after Kent confronts him. Oswald attempts to turn Goneril and Kent against each other by telling Goneril that Kent is turning against her.
  • Hidden Love for Goneril
  • Refuses to let Regan read Goneril's letter to Edmund
  • After he is wounded. and is dying and all hope is lost, he finally gives up the letter.