Who is Regan? Sarah K., Maghan B., Sarah B., Ryan M.
  • the second daughter of King Lear
  • sister of Goneril and Cordelia
  • better liar than Goneril
  • greedy, wants Lear's land, power and fortune
  • seems nice and sympathetic, but by the end of the play she shows how cruel she really is
  • married to Cornwall
  • When Cornwall dies, she wants to be with Edmund
  • Goneril and Regan fight over Edmund's love
  • rips out Gloucester's eyes after she finds out he wanted to help Lear
  • dies in the end because she was poisoned by Goneril
  • she is more likely to have men do her dirty work for her than actually doing it herself (ex: when she begs Cornwall to gouge out Gloucester's eyes)
  • line 5 page 159 - "hang him instantly" ; lines 112-113 page 167 ; "go thrust him out at gates and let him smell his way to Dover"
    • These lines portray her villainous side and how violent and uncaring she is towards other people. They also show that she makes other people do her "dirty work" for her.
    • Regan portrays "self-centeredness-is-thicker-than-blood theme" through her actions

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUYF3ah3RM8 (start at 1:20)