Who is Albany? Deon B.; Jack B.
He's a Man; the splendid, glorious, true man (well, if he were a bit more forceful...)
external image Albany.pngTHE DUKE OF ALBANY
Le duc d'Albany

Quick Facts About Albany:
- He is a Highly Moral character (though weak)
- He is compassionate
- He eventually takes control of the kingdom
- He is almost the complete opposite of his wife who is merciless and ruthless

"The weight of this sad time we must obey, Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say...."
(This shows his moral character as he is an honest man willing to speak the truth even if it isn't easy to accept)

Albany, husband of Goneril, son in law of Lear, is a relatively minor yet distinctive character in King Lear. He is more honorable than his wife's brother in law, and demonstrates dissatisfaction with her treatment of both Lear and Gloucester, reinforcing the image of his character. Albany remains a stable character, but proves weak; he is unable to confront Edmund over his dalliances with Goneril, and must recruit Edgar for this purpose. Despite this, throughout the play he become more asssertive finally confronting his wife about her actions. Similarly, he opposes the invading armies of France even though he sympathizes with their cause. In the End of the paly he assumes control of the kingdom.


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