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Who is Gloucester? (Matt S, Gina S, Marissa Z, Schuyler K, Kieran S, Natalie T, Liz S)

  • Father of Edmund and Edgar
  • Part of King Lear's court, a nobleman
  • An adulterer, he fathered a bastard son, Edmund
  • Easily angered and emotionally weak, he has no faith in his son Edgar
  • A gullible old man, he believed his son, Edmund’s, lies without much question or doubt
  • Went through a situation parallel to King Lear, denounced his only loyal son much like how Lear disowned his only loyal daughter
  • Accused of treason by Regan and Cornwall because he tried to help King Lear
  • Had his eyes gouged out by Cornwall
  • Tries to kill himself after he is blinded by jumping off of a cliff, but the cliff isn't real. Edgar brought Gloucester to an imaginary cliff so that he wouldn't die
  • Gloucester is very loyal to the king
  • Mistakes Edmund's motives
  • Gloucester blames events on the stars and does not take responsibility for his own actions
  • Dies right after his son, Edgar, reveals that he was actually Tom



  • As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods, —They kill us for their sport.
    • Gloucester, Scene I Act IV(As referenced by WikiQuote.com)

  • I have no way, and therefore want no eyes; I stumbled when I saw: full oft 'tis seen,Our means secure us, and our mere defects prove our commodities.
    • Gloucester, Scene I Act IV (As referenced by WikiQuote.com)
  • (to LEAR) Our flesh and blood, my lord, is grown so vile, That it doth hate what gets it.
    • Gloucester, Act 3 Scene 4 (Taken from No Fear Shakespeare)

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(From a King Lear Production in 2008 in which Glocester's eye's are famously gouged out).